Julie Foster
About Julie Foster Insurance Services

The independence of our agency offers a very important distinction in that our objective is to keep our clients for a lifetime. Since the client can end the relationship at any time, we are motivated to help the client decide on the best possible plan for his or her needs, and provide ongoing service after the sale.

Julie Foster Insurance Services will :

  • Evaluate the health plan needs of the business.
  • Explain the details of different health plans and provide cost indexes.
  • Make specific recommendations and tailor plans to suit needs as well as budgets.
  • Review the plans periodically to update coverage and maintain affordability.
  • For businesses, communicate the facts about various benefits packages to employees.
  • Serve as the consumer's advocate and advisor in dealing with insurance companies, doctors, hospitals, and government agencies. This involves servicing claims, and providing advice about regulations and legislation.

About Julie Foster

Julie Foster began her insurance industry career in 1978 with SAFECO Insurance selling and servicing group health insurance. Subsequent positions at Health Plan of America, TakeCare (Blue Cross of California) and HealthNet included sales and service to accounts such as United Airlines, Xerox Corporation, Amdahl, SRI, Pan Am Airlines, County of Santa Clara, PG&E and Bank of America.

In 1988 Julie became an independent broker and founded Foster Insurance Services. She is a member of the National Association of Health Underwriters.


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