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Dental Insurance
Our agency is very active in the group dental insurance marketplace. We can help you evaluate your needs, survey the marketplace, prepare side by side plan and price comparisons for your review, and then help you implement the plan(s) that you determine best meet your objectives.

Long Term Disability
When faced with an employee who's been disabled, uninsured employers have few options. Do you continue to pay all or part of a salary? Offer unpaid leave? Terminate employment? For an employer and employee, the choices can be devastating. An insured Long Term Disability plan will replace up to 66 2/3% of an employee's income up to the age of 67 in a situation where catastrophic illness or injury exists. A managed LTD plan allows an employer to outsource the difficult decisions surrounding a disabled employee to disability experts. Along with income protection, most disability plans offer rehabilitation and return-to-work services that are essential to the recovery of disabled employees. The goal of Long Term Disability insurance is to financially protect and proactively return disabled employees to a productive life.


Medical Insurance
Our agency is very active in the group medical insurance marketplace. Whether you are investigating medical insurance for a group or a plan for a small start up, our agency is capable and prepared to assist you. We can help you evaluate your needs, survey the marketplace, prepare side by side plan and price comparisons for your review, and then help you implement the plan(s) that you determine best meet your objectives.

How many people really use their LTD plan?
There is a 1 in 5 risk that a 35 year old will be disabled for 90 days or more before age 65. You are more likely to become disabled than to die during your working years.

How much will LTD cost the company?
The general rule is that a fully insured LTD plan will cost a company about one half of one percent of the company's monthly payroll.

Will an LTD plan pay a disabled employee who returns to work on a part-time basis?
Yes, most LTD plans will pay an employee who is limited from performing all of their job functions, and has suffered a 20% or more loss of income as a result.

What are the most common income replacement percentages?
Most companies implement a plan that replaces 60% or 66 2/3% of an employee's income in the event of a disability. The highest percentage available is 66 2/3%.


Carriers Represented:

Aetna U.S. Healthcare
Banner Life
BC Life & Health Insurance Company
Blue Cross of California
Blue Shield of California
California Choice-California
Cobra Compliance Systems, Inc.
CPIC Life Insurance Company
Delta Dental
First Colony Life
Fort Dearborn Life Insurance Company
Health Net
Kaiser Permanente-California
Kemper Insurance
PACIFICARE - California
Principal Medical & Dental
Prudential Insurance Company
Sterling HSA
Transamerica Occidental Life
United Healthcare
UNUM Provident
Vision Service Plan Insurance Company

HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Passed by Congress in 1996, HIPPA helps to protect your rights to health coverage during events such as changing or losing jobs, pregnancy, moving, or divorce. It provides rights and protections for employers when getting and renewing health coverage for their employees. 
The following information highlights the scope of HIPAA in the broadest sense.  Keep in mind HIPAA is not an insurance policy.
HIPAA provides rights and protections for both group health plans and individual coverage. These rights and protections address:

  • Portability - Whether you can get new health coverage if you want to change coverage
  • Availability - Whether health coverage must be offered to you and your dependents
  • Renewability - Whether you are able to renew health coverage

Who does HIPAA protect?
HIPAA might protect individuals who experience the following life events:

  • Have lost or are changing jobs
  • Are recently married or divorced
  • Are gaining new dependents through birth or adoption
  • Are moving from one State to another
  • Have preexisting conditions or other health factors that make it difficult to get health coverage
  • Have had health coverage and are now being denied coverage
  • Want to renew your health coverage
  • Are a small employer and want to buy health coverage for your employees
  • Are an employer and want to renew health coverage for your employees

What does HIPAA NOT do?

  • Require employers to offer health coverage
  • Regulate the cost of health coverage
  • Regulate the types of benefits that must be offered
  • Provide protections when you wish to change from one form of individual coverage to another

HIPAA and Group Health Plans
Important HIPAA rights and protections for group health plans include:

  • Limits on preexisting condition exclusions
  • Prohibition of discrimination based on health factors
  • Requirements for special enrollment opportunities for people who lose other group health coverage or gain new dependents, such as a spouse or a child
  • Requirements for certificates of creditable coverage
  • Guaranteed availability of group health plans for small employers
  • Guaranteed renewal of all group health plans at the option of the employer

HIPAA and Individual Coverage
Important HIPAA rights and protections for individual coverage include the following:

  • HIPAA-eligible individuals are guaranteed the right to purchase individual coverage
  • Preexisting condition exclusions are not allowed for HIPAA-eligible individuals
  • Certificates of creditable coverage are required
  • Individual health insurance coverage is guaranteed to be renewed
  • Comparable coverage issued through a state high-risk pool

To learn more about HIPAA and other government legislation and programs related to health benefits be sure to go to the Health Care Financial Administration website. If you would like to understand the terms used in the HIPAA legislation like "HIPAA-eligible", certificates of creditable coverage, state high-risk pool or even how HIPAA defines group health plan vs. individual coverage, click here
For more detail explanations from an employer or employee's perspective go to HIPAA Online.

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