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 Julie Foster Insurance Services is named this way for a reason. We are not a ‘sales’ company, but a ‘service’ company. To me great service is the way I separate myself from other firms. Surely a client cannot know how deeply committed to service I am until they work with me. Over my years in business I’ve been gratified by the countless times clients have taken a moment to recognize the service they have received. I’ve posted a few of the nice notes below. I hope that by reading through these unsolicited client testimonials one will start to understand that ‘great service’ is more than a claim. It’s a promise. 

Here is what our clients say about us:

Julie Foster has consistently, over the years, cared about our business and our staff, shared our troubles when we had them, held our hands when necessary and been tough with us when appropriate.

I would much rather have professional help from someone who has proven to be knowledgeable and reliable, than from a high tech "large" company to whom I am just another account.

I want to know that the hard earned money I spend on insurance matters to my insurance broker and their own business and I'd rather deal with a friend than a company.

Ted Hersh 
President, Renblanc, Inc.  

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Thank you so much for your quick response to my phone call on Monday.  It is really great to be dealing wilth a person to whom we are not just a number.  Thanks again for your fast service.

Bruce R-C.

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Since our plan implementation phase we have had an excellent level of customer service from Julie's company.  Julie is on top of her profession with a great attitude to go along with it.

Greg B.

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Julie Foster was the broker for our company for 10 years until it was sold.  It was important to us that we had a broker who was responsive to our needs and was quick to follow up when we had questions or problems.  We appreciated the prompt personal attention  that we  received while working with Julie.

Bobby U.

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Julie has kept us informed regarding plan changes, renewals, and legislation which has affected our company.  She has also reviewed optional plans for our company during renewal time in order to ensure that we are providing our employees with the type of coverage they have been accustomed to as well as being sure that it is cost efficient to the company. In additioin Julie has been available for presentations when our employees have needed to be informed about new benefits being offered.

Sharon P.

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I want to take a minute and thank you for your personalized service with my recent health insurance quandry.  Although it seemed immensely complex to me, you cleared it up quickly.  Thank you for that.

Jim O.

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Julie, we just wanted to extend our deepest thanks for all you have done for our office.

Joe B.

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We really appreciate all your time and efforts in helping us with our insurance needs.

Donna W. and Lon C.

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